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1.b)her claim has been completely disregarded

2.b)the ground floor of their cottage was flooded

3.a)the woman’s failure to pay her house insurance in time

4.d)file a lawsuit against the insurance company.

5.c)they disagree about the future of al technology.

6.d)less time-consuming and focusing on creation

7.c)digital life could replace human civilization

8.a)lt will be smarter than human beings

9.c)save one-fifth of their net monthly income

10. d)start by doing something small

11.a) a proper mindset

12.a)she found her outfit inappropriate

13.d)to save the trouble of choosing a unique outfit every day

14. b)it matters a lot in jobs involving interactions with others

15. c) do whatever is possible to look smart.

16. b)their obsession?with consumption

17. a)things that we cherish most

18.c)they serve multiple purposes

19.d)over 10% of the respondents lied about the distance the drove

20.b)they want to protect their reputation

21. c)they seem intuitive.

22. a) older people’s aversion to new music.

23. c) they find all music sounds the same.

24.a)the more you experience something, the better you’ll appreciate it.

25.d)teenagers’?emotions are more intense.


section a(第1套)

the idea of taxing things that are bad for society

26.a) discouraging

27.e) impaired

28.j) instrumental

29. n) pump

30. gj incentives

31.m) probably

32,e) dividend

33.u) predict?




section a(第2套)

virtually every activity that entails or facilitates……

26. c. cumulative

27. i. scale

28. f.foreseeable

29. j. strangle

. g. predictions


32.b. credited


34. m. survive

35.e. federal


section a(第3套)

social distancing is putting people out of work……

26. c. driven

27. o. vulnerable

28. h. random

29. n. unique

30. l. thriftier

31. k.temptations

32. a. amazing

33. d.engaged


35.b. closer


section b(第1套)slow hope?

36.[e] some of today’s narratives about the future seem to suggest that we too,like prometheus,will be saved by a new hercules,a divine engineer someone who will master- mind,manoeuvre and manipulate our planet.

37.[i]?we need an acknowledgement of our present ecological plight but also a language of positive change,visions of a better future.

38.[c] today we can no longer ignore the ecological curses that we have released in our search for warmth and com- fort.

39.[k] the unscrupulous(无所忌惮的)commodification of food and the destruction of foodstuffs will continue to devastate soils,livelihoods and ecologies.

40. [d] acceleration is the signature of our time.

41.[g] this much is clear:we need to find ways that help us flatten the hockey-stick curves that reflect our ever-faster pace of ecological destruction and social acceleration.

42.[a] our world is full of-mostly untold-stories of slow hope,driven by the idea that change is possible.

43.[f] yet,if we envisage our salvation to come from a dues?ex ma-china(包围之种),from a divine engineer or a tech solutionist who will miraculously conjure up a new source of energy or another cure-all with revolutionary potency,we might be looking in the wrong place.

44.[i] we need an acknowledgement of our present ecological plight but also a language of positive change,visions of a better future.

45.[b] at the beginning of time-so goes the myth-humans suffered,shivering in the cold and dark until the titan(巨人)prometheus stole fire from the gods.


section b(第2套)

why lifelong learning is the international passport to success

36.[h]those projects are then interwoven with fast-paced?modules?learned’?on-the-fly?and?at?technical?will?depending on the nature of the project.

37.[e] the bachelor’s degree could be your passport to life- long learning.

38.[b]why?because universities and curricula are designed along the three unities of french classical tragedy:time,action,and place.

39.[k] sound like science fiction?

40.[l] in addition to technical capabilities,the very nature of projects develops social and?entrepreneurial skills,such as design thinking,initiative taking,team leading,activity re- porting or resource planning.

41.[c] the university model needs to evolve.

42.[j] after the msc diploma is earned,there would be many more stamps of lifelong learning over the years.

43.[n] even if time were not an issue,who will pay for life- long learning?

44.[f] recent advances in computational methods and data science push us into rethinking science and engineering.

45.[m] this could fix the main organizational?challenges for the university,but not for?the learners,due to lack of time,- family obligations or funds.


section b (第3套)?

36.?[e] it seems some people today dream that..

37.?[i] according to one great thinker, it is most unfortunate if we lose the ability to think differently.

38.?[c] urgent attention should be paid to…

39.?[k] even in the fast-food nation america, the number of vegetarians is on the rise.

40.?[d] the deterioration of ecological system is accelerating…

41.?[h] it is obvious that solutions must be….

42.?[a] many people believe changing in the world is possible…

43.?[f] it might be wrong to expect that our world would be saved at one stroke…

44.?[g] it is human nature to cheris hopes for a better world.

45.?[b] technology has given us humans the power to change the natural world


section c(第1套)

passage one

46.b) the near impossibility of appreciating art in an age of mass tourism.

47.b) it is quite common to misinterpret artistic works.

48.c) good management is key to handling large crowds of visitors.

49.b) it is possible to combine entertainment with appreciation of serious art.

50.c) help us to see the world from a different perspective.


passage two

51.d) it takes no notice of the potential impact on the environment.

52.a) it has the capacity and the financial resources to do so.

53.d) farming consumes most of our natural resources.

54.d) its alleged failure to regulate the industries. 55.b) endeavor to ensure the sustainable development of agriculture.


section c(第2套)

passage one

46.b) people’s reluctance to be compelled to eat plant- based food.

47.a)radically change their dietary habits.

48.b) many people simply do not have access to foods they prefer.

49.d) it may worsen the nourishment problem in low- income countries.

50.a) it accepts them at the expense of the long-term interests of its people.


passage two

51.c) they constantly dismiss others?’proposals while taking no responsibility for tackling the problem.

52.d) a distinction should be drawn between responsibility and fault.

53.a) stop them from going further by agreeing with them.

54.b) they are prompted to come up with ideas for making possible changes.

55. c) assuming responsibility to free oneself.


section c(第3套)

passage one

46.c) it may make us feel isolated and incompetent.

47. a)they do not find all their online friends trustworthy. 48.c) paint a rosy picture of other people’s lives.

49.a they should record the memorable moments in people’s lives

50.d strengthen ties with real-life friends instead of caring about their online image


passage two

51. a) ruining their culture.

52.d)different chimp groups differ in their way of communication.

53.b) chimp behavior becomes less varied with the increase of human activity.

54 c)study the?unique characteristics of each generation?of chimps.

55.c) conserve animal species in a novel and all-round way.


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