a. study the following two pictures carefully and write an essay of at least 150 words.

b. your essay must be written neatly on answer sheet 2.

c. your essay should meet the requirements below:

 1. describe the pictures.

 2. deduce the purpose of the drawer of the pictures.

 3. suggest counter-measures.?(15points)



1. 高分范文:

as is shown in the pictures, the number of fish?has dramatically decreased?with the increase?of commercial fishing. in the first picture, there?were?various kinds of fish and only one fishing boats?in 1900. on the contrary, in the second picture, there?was?only one fish?swimming freely but?many fishing boats?sailing in the sea?in 1995.

the purpose of the pictures is to tell us that?due attention has to be paid to?the reduction of ocean resources. owing to?the over-exploitation of marine resources, the number of fish?has declined?significantly. if?we let this situation continue as it is, we do not know?where fish will be in the future. by that time, our environment?will suffer?a great destruction.

hence, it is imperative for us?to take drastic measures to reverse this disturbing trend illustrated in the above pictures. for one thing, we should appeal to our authorities?to make strict laws?to control commercial fishing. for another, we should cultivate the awareness of people?that?the ocean resources?are of great significance?to us. only in this way can we?protect our ocean resources.?also, i believe that we humans can surmount this difficulty, and we will have a brilliant future.??






2. 黄金模块:

(1) picture/ cartoon /photograph /image


(2) essay

(3) neatly/clearly

(4) meet the requirements ?= ?meet needs ?= ?reach demands

(5) deduce ?v. 推断,演绎

???deduction ?n.

???induce ?v. 归纳

???induction ?n.归纳

(6) the purpose of the drawer of the pictures

(7) counter-measures

(8) “要素审图法”:

(9) 作文结构:




①?+ ②?③?④

para 2



①?+ ②?③?

para 3



①??+?②③ + ④?


(10) “如图所示”:

①?as is shown in the pictures,?+ 主句


(11) “介+宾”:

as is shown in the pictures, with the rampancy of commercial fishing, the number of fish has dramatically shrunk.


(12) “…很明显”:

it is apparent that….


(13) 写作核心词汇——环境保护类?

环境保护 environmental protection ??????


enhance environmental awareness

保持生态平衡 keep ecological balance

生态系统 ?ecosystem

生态示范区 environment-friendly region

生态农业 ?eco-agriculture

生态旅游 ?ecotourism

自然保护区 ?nature reserve

可持续发展战略 sustainable development

防风防沙林 ?wind and sand breaks


pleasant living environment


节能(节约能源) ?save energy

减排(减少温室气体排放) ?

reduce the emission of greenhouse gases

降低资源消耗率 ?

slow down the rate of resource degradation

环保产品 ?environment-friendly products

全球变暖 ?global warming

低碳经济 ?low carbon economy

清洁可再生能源 clean renewable economy

核能 ?nuclear energy ?

太阳能 ?solar energy

大功率电器high-power electrical appliance

二氧化碳 ?carbon dioxide

气候变化 ?climate change


环境恶化 ?environmental deterioration ???

乱砍滥伐 ?deforestation


protect forests from overexploitation

水土流失 ?water and soil erosion

沙漠化 ?desertification

人口增长 ?population growth

野生动物保护 ?wildlife protection

濒危物种 ?endangered species

野生物种 ?wild species

商业捕鱼 ?commercial fishing

过度捕捞 ?overfishing

过度开发 ?reckless exploitation


自然灾害 ?natural disasters

大灾难 ?catastrophe


destructive and disastrous earthquake

沙尘暴 ?sandstorm

沙丘 ?sand dune/hill

旱灾 ?drought

水灾 ?flood

雪灾 ?snowstorm


环境治理 ????????????????????????????


“the-polluters-pay” policy

执法检查 ?law enforcement inspection


undertake treatment within a prescribed limit of time


白色污染 ?white pollution ?????????????


limit / ban/ prohibit?the use of disposable plastic bags


throwaway bio-degradable plastic bags

一次性筷子 ?disposable chopsticks


垃圾处理 ????????????????????????????

乱扔垃圾 ?litter

垃圾分类 ?garbage classification

丢弃 ?throw,discard

垃圾 ?trash, rubbish, garbage


decontamination of urban refuse

垃圾填埋场 ?refuse landfill

三废 ?three types of wastes (water waste, waste gas, solid waste)

工业废气物 ?industrial waste

有毒废物 ?toxic waste

综合利用 ?multipurpose use


water resource conservation zone

污水处理 ?sewage treatment

集中处理厂 ?centralized treatment plant

再生水 ?recycled water


空气污染 ????????????????????????????

空气污染浓度 ?air pollution concentration

汽车尾气排放 ?motor vehicle exhaust

尾气净化器 ?exhaust purifier

无铅汽油 ?lead-free gasoline

天然气汽车 ?gas-fueled vehicles

电动汽车 ?cell-driven vehicles

小排量汽车 ?small-engine vehicles

工业粉尘排放 ?industrial dust discharge

烟尘排放 ?soot emissions


fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas)


?directions: write an essay of 160—200 words based on the following drawing. in your essay, you should

1) describe the drawing briefly,

2) explain it’s intended meaning, and

3) give your comments.

you should write neatly on answer sheet 2. (20 points)




1. 高分范文:

as is subtly portrayed in the cartoon,?two tourists?are taking sightseeing?on a small boat?while?discarding?their picnic leftovers?casually?into a lake. unfortunately, the lake is already littered and teamed with flow rubbish like plastic containers, fish-bones, banana peel, watermelon rind, bottles, tins, food wrappings, and so on. and below the drawing,?there is a topic?which says:?“after” the travel.

from the portrayal, we can conclude that the painter wants to convey such a message:?a good many scenic spots?are flooded with?visitors, who spoil the beauty of nature by creating and leaving behind god-knows-how-much trash. on the one hand, tourism, as a multibillion-dollar business, is booming?everywhere. some people, laboring under the belief that tourism serves as an engine of economic growth, seem to ignore?its negative effects on the environment. nevertheless, these?are not concerns?that we can shrug off lightly. on the other hand, tourism?has exerted great pressure on?the environment?we are living in: water is polluted, the ecological system is disturbed, and natural resources have been excessively used. ?

undoubtedly, tourism could not be banned in any country?as?it does help to shore up the economy in places?which have few sources of income. the significant point is that?the unchecked growth of the travel business may render the development of an economy unsustainable. it is high time that?we enhanced?people’s awareness to rectify this by taking the environmental protection into consideration. ?







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