1. 人生道理类

2. 社会抢手类

3. 文明教育类

4. 人与天然

5. 抢手主题词






cooperation/collaboration/teamwork 团队协作

cooperate with others/be in cooperation with others/be in collaboration with others/work together


team spirit/group spirit/community spirit 团队精力

active/effective/mutual/close cooperation 有用协作

sense of teamwork 团队知道

ask for/call for/demand/seek cooperation 寻求协作

take an active part in cooperation/cooperate actively 活泼协作

end cooperation 接连协作

make concerted/joint efforts/pool one’s efforts together 风雨同舟

solidarity and friendship 联合友善

essentially/mutually complementary 互补

win-win/all win/win for all 共赢


optimism/optimistic/optimist/optimistic mind/optimistic attitude 旷达

pessimism/pessimistic/pessimist 绝望

show/display/demonstrate optimism 展示旷达

adopt/possess a(n) optimistic (positive) attitude (view, outlook) towards life (the problems

confronting us) 对日子采纳活泼情绪

blind optimism 盲目旷达

excessively/overly/wildly optimistic 过于旷达


boost/enhance/improve/increase/lift/raise confidence 添加决心

gain/acquire confidence 获得自傲

rebuild/restore/regain/revive confidence 重获决心

damage/weaken/undermine confidence 削减决心

the lack of confidence/lack confidence 短少自傲

exaggerate/overestimate/overrate difficulties 夸大困难

underestimate one’s abilities 小看或人的才能


an enterprising spirit 前进精力

non-stop efforts 不断的尽力

open up new ways forward 拓荒行进

make progress constantly 不断前进

move forward constantly 不断行进

make constant efforts 持续尽力

never stop making progress 不断前进

never give up 永不言弃

keep making progress 坚持前进

keep on striving 坚持斗争


diligence/hard work 勤勉作业 great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.

the spirit of self-improvement 发扬蹈厉

pursuit of one’s dream/ambition/aspiration/a great aim (goal)寻找愿望

innovation/creative thinking/the spirit of exploration 立异思维

a down-to-earth working style 结壮、实干

friendship/love/mutual affection among different people/individuals 我们的友谊

showing consideration for people around 善待身边的人

indifference to other people 对别人无视置之

self-depreciation 自卑

modesty 谦善/avoid conceit and impetuosity 骄傲自傲

the mutual understanding between people (parents and their children)我们之间彼此了解

keep pace with the times/advance with times 与时俱进

rise to the occasion 迎难而上



public morality 社会公德

awaken/wake up moral consciousness 道德知道

advocate traditional virtue/traditional moral values 宏扬传统美德 (distinguished/fine traditions)

duty/responsibility/obligation 责任

sense of responsibility 责任感

shoulder/assume/undertake one’s duty/responsibility 承担责任

fulfill/discharge/perform one’s duty/responsibility 实施责任

avoid/evade/shirk/shun one’s

duty/responsibility 躲避责任

devote/dedicate, devotion/dedication 奉献

selfish devotion 忘我奉献

the crisis of trust 信赖危机

decline in moral standards 道德标准降低

the corruption of public morality 公德蜕化

the lack of moral sense 道德缺失

put more attention on self-interest 更多重视自个利益

talk less about the spirit of sacrifice, contribution, mutual aid 对合作奉献精力谈论过少

selfish soul 自私的魂灵

immoral behaviors/conduct 不道德的行为

spit everywhere 随地吐痰

make noise, talk loudly 大声喧闹

to respect the old and care for the young 尊老爱幼

project hope 期望工程

china red cross foundation 我国红十字会

charities 慈悲机构

donate/donation 捐赠

poor rural areas/poverty-stricken areas/impoverished areas 贫穷区域

start schooling 入学

drop out of school 停学

attend school>go to school 上学

finish school/finish one’s studies 结束学业


lack of occupational self-discipline 短少作业自律

empty promise in the market promotion 空泛的承诺

false promise in the market promotion 虚伪承诺

honesty 诚信

sales of counterfeit/fake goods/commodities to consumers 造假售假 (反义 genuine commodity


dishonest/fraudulent behaviors 欺诈行为 (put on civilized outer clothing to please or deceive the

public. 披上文明的外衣诈骗大众)

misleading/distorted information 误导性信息

reliable/dependable/trustworthy information 可靠信息

academic corruption 学术糜烂

plagiarism 剽窃

food safety 食物平安

construction quality 工程质量

drainage oil 地沟油

poisonous milk powder 毒奶粉

unaffordable prices of medicines 药价虚高

illegal adds 不合法广告

unfair competitions 不公正竞赛

administration departments 打点部分

supervision departments 监管部分

authorities/departments concerned 有关当局、部分

merchant 商人、商家

manufacturer 厂家

enterprise operator 公司运营者

disregard laws 无视法令

shift the blame onto sb 推脱责任

disregard of laws and lack of any sense of social responsibility 无视法令,短少社会责任感

infringement on consumers’ rights and interests 侵略花费者权力和利益

overwhelming desire for profits 激烈的对利益的盼望

profits weigh much more than public benefits/public good 获利高于大众利益

be in the vulnerable position(一般指花费者处于弱势的方位)

perform/fulfill one’s duty fairly and effectively 公正有用地实施责任


1) 奉养父母

the old/the elderly/elderly people/the senior/senior citizens/the aged/aged people 老一辈

aging society 老龄化社会

aging of population 人员老龄化

filial piety 孝道

fulfill filial duty/show filial piety to parents/practice filial piety 尽孝

support (take care of, sustain) aged parents (the old and infirm parents/the old/the aged/the

elderly/the senior/senior citizens) 奉养晚年人

show solicitude for parents 关怀父母

mistreat/ill-treat/maltreat parents 优待父母

neglect sb/show no care (concern) for sb/lack concern for sb/treat sb thoughtlessly 不关怀或人

take (shoulder, assume) the responsibility for sth 对…承担责任

shirk (avoid, shift, abdicate) the responsibility for sth 对…躲避责任

duty/obligation of the young 年青人的责任

traditional virtue of our nation 咱们国家的传统美德

the wellbeing of the seniors/the heath and happiness of seniors老一辈的夸姣安乐

make painstaking efforts/expend all one’s energies 吃力汗水

one’s later years/one’s remaining years 晚年

charity begins at home. 百善孝为先

2) 溺爱孩子

raise/breed/foster/nurture/bring up 抚育

spoil children/dote on children 溺爱孩子

doting care/parental overprotection 溺爱

a child under the complete protection of parents/parental overprotection/be over loved (over

protected) by parents/excessive love from their parents/over-dependence on parents/be carefully

protected from hardship 父母的过度维护

fragile young people 脆弱的年青人

children born in the 1980s, majority of them being the only child in their family (family-planning

policy) 80 年代出世的孩子,绝大大都都是独生子孙(方案生育)

encourage him or her to think and act independently 鼓舞或人独立思考

help children towards independence/self-reliance 协助孩子独立

suffer hardships/stand sufferings/bear tribulation 阅历困难

create optimum conditions for children’s growth 为孩子生长创造最佳条件

the pillar of the state 国之栋梁

3) 代沟:

generation gap 代沟

widen/expand generation gap (widen/expand the gap between the child and parents) 扩展代沟

narrow/bridge generation gap (narrow/bridge the gap between the child and parents) 减小代沟

exchange ideas 交流观点

mutual understating/make allowance for each other 彼此了解、彼此谅解

misunderstanding 误解

reinforce family bonds/ties 增强家庭枢纽

get estranged from one’s family members 和家庭成员疏远

4) 啃老族

boomerang kids/children (the neet group) 啃老族 neet 的全称是(not currently engaged in

employment, education or training)

reap without sowing 坐收渔利


the crisis of trust 诚信危机

a host of dishonest behaviors 许多不诚信的行为

manufacture or sell fake and inferior goods at the cost of consumer’s interest 以花费者利益为代


bogus/fake/pirate products 假货

bogus/fake certificates 假证

peddle the sensational stories 散播耸人听闻的故事

twist/distort the news 歪曲新闻

return to sincerity and faith 返璞归真

keep promise 信守承诺

tell right from wrong 区分对错


warm-hearted people 热心人

offer assistance/provide help 供给协助

stretch out a helping hand to people in need 为需要协助的人伸出协助之手

help-givers 供给协助的人

receive aid 承受协助

assistance recipients 受助者


physical health (fitness, well-being) 身体安康

mental/psychological health (fitness, well-being) 心思安康

improve/enhance physical/psychological health 前进身体安康情况

hurt/damage physical/psychological health 损害身体/ 心思安康

be in good/poor health 身体安康/ 不安康

state of health 安康情况

fitness levels 安康水平

a health problem 安康疑问

sub-health 亚安康

state of mind 心态

physical exercise 体育训练

well-balanced diet 均衡饮食

junk food 废物食物

go on a diet 节食、瘦身

sacrifice health 牺牲安康

damage/endanger one’s health 损害安康

improve one’s health 改进安康

infectious disease/illness 感患病

chronic disease/illness 缓慢病

provide medical services 供给医疗效能

public health 公共清洁????

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